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Dawn L.
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One of the best parts of working with Vita is the accountability. The regular sessions keep me on track and is helping cement this into a lifestyle. I also really like the client app. When I first started working with [my dietitian] I took pics of all my food, which really helped us both understand what I was doing well and what I could do better.
Michelle T.
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I'm so glad I found Vita Dietitians. With their help, I am now the most successful with managing my weight I have ever been in my life.
Raina D.
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I was honestly skeptical at first that Vita was going to be able to help me. I've tried a lot of diets over the years and always struggled to eat healthy. But I can say I was pleasantly surprised. We were able to identify the root causes of my struggles and work on making changes that I know I can maintain for the long-term, not just the next 12 weeks.
Tony S.
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My dietitian helped me learn how to make smart food choices to keep moving closer to my goals, no matter what life throws at me.
Heidi C.
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I've struggled with eating healthy because I travel a lot for work. One of the things that really made a difference working with Vita is [my dietitian] made a point of finding solutions that work for my lifestyle. She gave me practical ideas to help me make healthier choices while I'm on the road, but were also realistic.
Jenn G.
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I've always envied those people who seemed like they effortlessly stay skinny and never watch what they eat. After working with Vita I now understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like and how to make small, smart decisions consistently that yield results over time that. I'm realizing that health is really about making smart 80% of the time, but also letting myself enjoy treats occasionally too.
Cliff H.
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My sessions with my dietitian were incredibly helpful. When I began my goal was to lose a certain amount of weight, but [my dietitian] focused on my overall health and helping me feel better too. I hit my weight loss goal, but she also helped improve my IBS which I didn't think was possible! She also took the time to really get to know my food preferences and make recommendations that fit me.
Elise F.
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With Vita Dietitians I was able to figure out what works for me and stay on track. 10/10 recommend Vita for anyone trying to lose weight.
Kate W.
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My goal was to just be healthier and more confident in my own skin, and take better care of my family. Working with Vita has really helped me feel knowledgeable about nutrition more confident that I am making healthy choices for both myself and my family.

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